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  • Comparing the Amazon protection efforts of Brazil and PeruComparing the Amazon protection efforts of Brazil and Peru
    Brazil and Peru are both embarking on major Amazon surveillance and protection programmes, involving systems and subsystems that will eventually begin to integrate on a national and cross-border basis. With billions of dollars being spent over the coming years on assets ranging from satellites to UAVs, we examine how SISFRON, SisGAAz, SIVAM/SIPAM, SIVAN-PERU, and other projects are being merged and managed, with first-hand commentary from several of the programme managers...
  • At a Glance: Latin American Coastal and Border SecurityAt a Glance: Latin American Coastal and Border Security
    Economies here are under pressure from continent-wide security threats, such as widespread drug production and organised crime. Consequently, investment in coastal and border surveillance to counteract this problem has survived tough austerity measures and remains a key priority in order to critically control and protect such border intrusions. In order to assess and build upon the latest efforts, Defence IQ takes a nation-by-nation glance towards some of the leading countries in the region ahead of this year's Rio conference...


  • Geospatial analysis of Illicit Trafficking in Eastern Panama: DigitalGlobeGeospatial analysis of Illicit Trafficking in Eastern Panama: DigitalGlobe
    Over the years, Panama has become a major transit country for narcotics trafficking operations. Its geographical location has contributed greatly in this process, particularly in the provinces of Guna Yala and Darien. The presence of ethnic minorities, impoverished population groups, and an inability for security elements to adequately address criminal activity has facilitated the rise of Drug Trafficking Organization’s (DTO) operations in these areas. DigitalGlobe provides this Global Research and Assessment Program (GRAP) analysis of Eastern Panama...
  • Estudio de Impacto Económico y Social (SIVAN-SIPAN)Estudio de Impacto Económico y Social (SIVAN-SIPAN)
    El Sistema de Vigilancia Amazónico y Nacional (SIVAN-SIPAN) es una iniciativa estratégica del Estado peruano que consiste en la implementación de un sistema integral, tecnológico e institucional, para la recolección, sistematización, análisis y entrega de información del territorio nacional en tiempo real para la toma de decisiones. El SIVAN-SIPAN busca así integrar, articular, institucionalizar y modernizar las capacidades hoy existentes en el Estado, evitando una serie de ineficiencias en el acceso y uso de información generada como consecuencia de la falta de coordinación entre las diferentes entidades gubernamentales y de la escasa credibilidad y acceso oportuno de la información


  • Strategic Briefing: The ‘Pivot’ to ParadiseStrategic Briefing: The ‘Pivot’ to Paradise

    More than 10,000 miles east of the South China Sea or 18 hours non-stop by plane lies the Caribbean Basin. What almost no one knows is that this sleepy part of the world is about to receive a lot of attention from the United States, Canada, the European Union and an increasingly powerful Brazil , not to mention, China. Analysts say it’s because of oil. In this article, Defence IQ explores the reasons behind why the ‘pivot’ to paradise has just begun…

  • BrazilBrazil's maritime surveillance capabilities in $4 billion boost with SisGAAz programme

    March 2013
    The Blue Amazon management system, dubbed Sistema de Gerenciamento da Amazônia Azul (SisGAAz), or more informally known as Blue Amazon, is a $4 billion programme the Brazilian Navy is overseeing to help defend its coastline and protect its offshore assets. Read More in this Defence IQ Article.

  • Open architectures to aid next generation coastal surveillanceOpen architectures to aid next generation coastal surveillance
    Judy Cerenzia, Director of the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) standard, a managed consortium hosted by The Open Group spoke with Defence IQ about her work leading this aviation-focused professional group made up of U.S. industry suppliers, customers and users. The Consortium is creating a technologically appropriate open face reference architecture, standards and business model that point the way to a more cost-efficient approach to defence platforms.
  • 'Fear' over sovereignity holds back Caribbean surveillance efforts
    In 2003, the Caribbean Regional Agreement (CRA) was formally issued by collaborative nations working to counter the maritime threat of illicit drug trafficking in the Caribbean. However, many nations in the region have withheld official support, making these counter-efforts difficult to enact as legal and technical obstacles abound. Commander Jean-Emmanuel Perrin, the Chief of Law Enforcement at Sea division in the French West Indies provides an overview of the immediate situation for his forces in this part of the world…

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