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Conference Day Two

Conference Day Two

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9:00 AM Chair's Recap

9:10 AM The Joint Interagency Task Force South’s Role in Coastal and Border Surveillance in the Latin American Region

Rear Admiral Christopher Tomney , Director, Joint Interagency Task Force South

  • JIATF South's unique organizational construct allows the Task Force to leverage the capabilities and authorities of the interagency and our international partners
  • Discussing the latest  interagency and international detection & monitoring operations
  • Goals to expand to include all critical International and interagency partners and achieve 100% domain awareness of illicit trafficking.
  • Information is for Sharing.  JIATFS focuses on developing relationships as well as human and technical networks that facilitate the timely and accurate dissemination of information to our partners
  • Combating illicit trafficking and transnational organized crime with limited resources requires partnerships and a regional approach

Rear Admiral Christopher Tomney
Rear Admiral Christopher Tomney
Joint Interagency Task Force South

9:50 AM Special Operations Command South: Forging Lasting Maritime Security

Colonel Scott Guilbeault , SOCSOUTH Chief of Staff,, US Special Operations Command South

  • More information to follow
Colonel Scott Guilbeault
Colonel Scott Guilbeault
SOCSOUTH Chief of Staff,
US Special Operations Command South

10:30 AM Networking Break

11:00 AM SIVAN - PERÚ – Aerospace Technological Innovation and Generating Capacity to Serve Perú

Colonel Julio Cesar Villafuerte Osambela , Head of the Inter-Institutional Department, SIVAN- PERU

  • Summarizing the concept of SIVAN-PERU as a modular system using technology including ground based radar, air transport radar, meteorological radar, electronic detection systems, IT and communication systems in order to maximise situational awareness over Peruvian territory and the Peruvian Amazon
  • The challenge to correctly integrate and deploy assets in the vast Amazon region with the aim of contributing to territorial protection whilst adhering  to the requirements and complexities of Peru
  • Summarising the role of SIVAN in countering challenges including drug trafficking, deforestation, smuggling as well as natural disasters including mud slides and earthquakes

Colonel Julio Cesar Villafuerte Osambela
Colonel Julio Cesar Villafuerte Osambela
Head of the Inter-Institutional Department

12:20 PM Networking Lunch

1:30 PM Prefectura Naval Argentina: Maritime Surveillance Electronic Systems in Argentina

Captain Ernesto Miguel Klocker , Chief, Information Department, Prefectura Naval Argentina

  • A summary of systems and devices used by the Maritime Authority for surveillance and control of sea and river areas.
  • Discussing the real time monitoring system
  • An overview of data Integration in the Coastguard of Argentina

Captain Ernesto Miguel Klocker
Chief, Information Department
Prefectura Naval Argentina

2:10 PM The Fight Against Drug Trafficking: The Bolivian Model - CONALTID

Sabino Mendoza , Director, CONALTID – Bolivia

  • Coordinating international cooperation under the principle of shared responsibility, joint actions on combating illicit trafficking of drugs and controlled substances
  • Approving and implementing communication strategies at national and international levels on the smuggling of drugs
  • Discussing the results so far of the Bolivian initiative in the war against narco-trafficking with sovereign control and civil communication
  • An overview of how the model already reflects several achievements among, including the decrease in coca leaf production , 23 000 hectares in 2013 ( Data Monitoring Report coc cultivation " UNODC )
  • Reflecting how CONALTID has helped bring Bolivia to third place in worldwide production of caca leaves and contributing to further decline since 2009 which was 30900 hectares

 Sabino Mendoza
Sabino Mendoza
CONALTID – Bolivia

3:30 PM Border Surveillance Initiatives in the Colombian Air Force

Brigadier General del Aire Rases Rueda Rueda , Chief, Air Operations, Colombian Air Force

  • More information to follow
Brigadier General del Aire Rases Rueda Rueda
Chief, Air Operations
Colombian Air Force

4:10 PM Coastal and Border Surveillance – A UK Perspective of Requirements and Solutions

Confirmed Representative , DSO Brazil, UKTI DSO

This session will discuss the challenges associated with both border and coastal security in the South American region including counter narcotics, protecting EEZ’s, people smuggling and fishery protection from a variety of military and industry perspectives. The session will then interactively analyse and compare the best solutions in the market to respond to such challenges including looking at particular gaps in the coastal and border surveillance market.
 Confirmed Representative
Confirmed Representative
DSO Brazil

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