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Rear Admiral Roberto Gondim Carneiro Da Cunha
Rear Admiral Roberto Gondim Carneiro Da Cunha Director of Strategic Program Management Brazilian Navy

Conference Day One

9:10 AM Brazilian Navy: The Blue Amazon Management System

  • SisGAAz as a mission to monitor in an integrated methodology, the territorial waters of Brazil as well as international areas of responsibility including search and rescue
  • Updates on the current status of SisGAAz and its contribution to strategic mobility and control to enhance capacity for swift response to any threat, emergency, national disaster, identified illicit activity etc.
  • SisGAAz in it’s comprehensiveness, it’s multidisciplinary nature and inclusiveness of state of the art technologies which will also stimulate the production of high value goods and services in Brazil, benefitting the industrial base and economy of Brazil
  • Discussing increased efficiency in operations and encouraging interagency collaborations in the Blue Amazon (Federal Police, environmental institutes etc.)
  • Summarising how SisGAAz is a crucial tool in which Brazil can maximise vigilance in the maritime region of the Blue Amazon and it’s various hydrographical areas 

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